Research topics

  • Systems of macroscopic particles: granular flows and suspensions
  • Numerical simulations at the grain scale (scientific computing, numerical analysis, software SCoPI) and macroscopic modelling
  • Non-smooth contact models, stable algorithms (non-smooth convex analysis, constrained optimization)
  • Direct numerical simulations of rigid particles embedded in a Stokes fluid (penalty methods, boundary element methods)
  • Numerical treatment of the hydrodynamic singularity due to close particules in suspensions (lubrication)
  • Micro-swimmers: control and optimal control for swimming problems

Some links

  • SCoPI: C++ code for particles in interaction.
  • ANR RheoSuNN: JCJC ANR project I am coordinating (2018-2022). It brings together researchers in the domains of mathematics, numerical analysis, HPC and mechanics, interested in numerical simulations of dense suspensions of rigid particles.
  • GdR MathGeoPhy: "Groupement de recherche interdisciplinaire" (GdR CNRS) on the theme of mathematics in interaction with the geophysics of fluid and solid envelopes.
  • iMPT: an institute to foster collaborations at the interface between mathematics and earth, life and human sciences.
  • FMJH: Mathematical Foundation Jacques Hadamard, gathering 12 laboratories in the field of mathematics and its interactions, on the Paris-Saclay campus.
  • SMAI: French Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics.
  • AMIES: French Agency for Mathematics in Interaction with Enterprise and Society.