Simulation of Collections of Particles in Interaction

A C++ contact solver to simulate flows of rigid particles.

SCoPI is a contact solver allowing to simulate collections of rigid particles in 2 or 3 dimensions such as

  • Granular flows
  • Crowds
  • Suspensions (if coupled with a fluid/particle solver)

Non-smooth contact models.

The code is based on non-smooth contact models, written in the non-smooth convex analysis framework developped by J.J. Moreau.

The algorithms implemented are stable and based on constrained convex optimization problems.


  • Aline Lefebvre-Lepot: CNRS senior researcher at Fédération de mathématiques de CentraleSupélec. Her work on contact algorithms is at the origin of the code, she leads its development and uses it in an inter-disciplinary research framework.
  • Sylvain Faure and Loïc Gouarin: CNRS research engineers at LMO (Orsay) and CMAP (Ecole Polytechnique) respectively. They are experts in software engineering for scientific applications.
  • Juliette Venel: Maître de Conférences at LAMAV (Valenciennes). She is an expert in Crowd motion modelling and simulation.
  • Hélène Bloch: Post-doctoral fellow at CMAP (Ecole Polytechnique), funded by ANR RheoSuNN for the year 2021/2022.